Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stop Striving for God's Love and Grace

Our Loving, Gentle Father wants us to be ASSURED that while He is with us, we have No Need to Try, to Strive or to Struggle, in order to Earn His GRACE and Love! For Jesus Gives His GRACE Freely.

Hence, He wants us to Stop Searching, and Realize that
He Is Enough for us, and will Always Be There for Us! Yes, He Is Right By Our Side, And His Hands Are Holding Us!

This song speaks beautifully of
God's Love, Grace and Faithfulness, which He eagerly craves for us to Embrace Completely! So Open Your Heart today and Receive God's goodness and healing! #RejoiceAlways

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  1. Great Blog! thanks for inviting me: I Thank you for your willingness to gospel the words of Our Lord! I watched the movie last night, " Countdown Jerusalem". Well worth watching! Thanks for following me on Twitter, and I will visit your Blog Often:) Keep up the Great work, In Jesus Name. Sincerely and God Bless, Jamie Morales AKA AllFleurDelis