Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hope In Love

Excerpt from Victoria Boyson's article "Hope in Love." It expresses God's passion in seeing you walk in all that He has for you.

"His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor His delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love" (Psalm 147:10-11, NIV).

I know that sometimes it is very difficult to trust in God while waiting for the development of your destiny. But we hope not in hope itself; we put our hope in God's unfailing love for us. And His love for us is strong enough to sink our hope into, because in the vast creation of the whole universe, His in you.

Our Father's PleasureI love the way David expresses himself in Psalm 147. He says our Father's pleasure is not in the great strength of a horse or the strength in the legs of a man. Of course, He made these things and is pleased with them, but they are not what He delights in.

Yes, God has the stars, moon and sun that He could delight in, but they do not hold any great pleasure for Him. What God is passionate about is not the world He has created. They were only gifts He made for the one He loves to enjoy. What He delights in, my friend, is YOU.

You are the apple of God's eye. You are what He is passionate about. Not the great white whale, the Hawaiian Islands or the Rocky Mountains, but you. And when you turn your gaze toward Him, His heart skips a beat. You are what He loves – the great passion He delights in. And those who hope in His love for them, He will not deny.

Your Hope is Your WorshipYour hope in God is the greatest honor and praise that you could give Him; it delights Him. You could not show your love for God any greater than by hoping in His goodness, trusting in His love. God wants for you to really know that He is good. And when you do, He will stop at nothing to bless you.

Unfailing LoveIt is difficult to wait and hope, yes. But let's think about what we are hoping in – His unfailing love. God's love is not fickle like man's love. No, Psalm 145:8 (NIV) says, "The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love." His love is unconditional. We think we understand His love, but really we do not. If we did, we would not treat others the way that we do.

God does not stop loving us when we fail. He does not want us to fail because He knows it will hurt us, but He definitely does not stop loving us. His red-hot love for us does not cool either. He loves us as much today as He will ever love us in our lifetime. He knew exactly what He could expect from us before He first chose us, and He chose us anyway. Victoria Boyson #RejoiceAlways

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